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All Secondary Schools from Eastern Province of Zambia
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All Secondary Schools From Eastern Province Of Zambia

Here are the 107 Secondary Schools found across the 9 districts of the Eastern Province of Zambia. From Chadiza, Chipata,…

Holidays in Zambia
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A List Zambian Public Holidays

Here is a list of all Zambian public holidays taken during a calendar year. These holidays are taken on the…

Nc'wala ceremony of the Ngoni
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Traditional Ceremonies of Zambia Nc’wala

The Nc’wala is a thanksgiving ceremony held every year at Mtenguleni village in the Eastern Province of Zambia. It is…

programmes offered by ZCAS include ZICA, CIPS and so many
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Study programmes offered by ZCAS

Zambia Center of Accountancy Studies ZCAS is a leading accountancy, information technology and business-related training center in Zambia through the…

Kalabo Secondary school is part of the secondary schoools from Western province of Zambia
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All Secondary Schools from Western Province Of Zambia

There is a number of Secondary schools from the Western province of Zambia that include the famous Kalabo Secondary Boarding…

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2019 Zesco load shedding schedule

2019 Zesco load shedding schedule pdf download for all regions in Zambia. Load shedding runs approximately for 8hrs every day…

Kitwe City Square or Kaunda Sqaure
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Kitwe City Square

Kitwe City Square also referred to as Kaunda or Coronation Square is a historic place in Kitwe Zambia and dates back to the…

2019 Vaccination Medicines In Zambia 1
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2019 Vaccination Medicines In Zambia

Vaccination medicines in Zambia are readily available and largely free all around the country. The main form of distribution is…

Zambia cropland data layers help the government foster policies on agriculture
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Zambia Cropland Data Layers

Automated CropLand Data Layer the CDL is a raster, geo-referenced, crop-specific land cover data layer that is created using moderate resolution satellite…

Mpelembe secondary school is part of All Secondary Schools From Copperbelt
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All Secondary Schools From Copperbelt Province Of Zambia

Not less than 133 counts as all secondary schools from the Copperbelt province of Zambia. Only Northern Province come close…

FIC Zambia offer intelligence reports to combat money laundering and corruption
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FIC Zambia What Is It?

FIC Zambia is the Financial Intelligence Center which was established by an act of Parliament. The institution is guided by…

Mobile Phone Apps Zambian developers
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A List Of All Zambian Mobile Phone Apps

Here is a comprehensive though not exhaustive list of the known Zambian mobile phone Apps. The listed mobile apps are…

Zambia neighboring countries
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The Republic Of Zambia Neighboring 8 Countries

The Republic of Zambia is a landlocked country in Southern Africa surrounded by the following neighboring 8 countries. The Democratic…

Schools in Zambia Central province
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All Secondary Schools From Central Province Of Zambia

Here is a list of all Secondary Schools from Central Province of Zambia showing whether they are technical and either…

Zambia mobile network providers AS numbers
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Zambia Mobile Network Providers and Their Autonomous System Numbers

Zambia has 3 major mobile phone network providers namely MTN, Airtel and Zamtel with a fourth one expected to start…

Ichibwela Mushi traditional ceremony
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Central Province Traditional Ceremonies

Traditional ceremonies from Central province of Zambia include Ichibwela Mushi by the Bisa, Swaka and Lala people. The three chiefs…