All Secondary Schools From Eastern Province Of Zambia

All Secondary Schools from Eastern Province of Zambia

Here are the 107 Secondary Schools found across the 9 districts of the Eastern Province of Zambia. From Chadiza, Chipata, Katete, Lundazi, Mambwe, Nyimba, Petauke, Sinda, and Vubwi.

Additionally, there is Edgar Lungu Technical Secondary School which was commissioned in 2019 in Lusangazi District.

All Secondary Schools From Eastern Province Of Zambia In Alphabetical

#DistrictName Of schoolSponsorPhoneAddressType
1ChadizaChadiza Boarding GRZ6251064P.O Box 520016, ChadizaSecondary 
2ChadizaChadiza Day GRZ6251245P.O Box 520141 ChadizaSecondary 
3ChadizaChanjowe Day GRZP.O Box 520097 ChadizaSecondary 
4ChadizaNaviruli Day Grant-aided (from GRZ)P.O Box 520093 ChadizaSecondary 
5ChadizaNaviruli Primary SchoolGrant-aided (from GRZ)978558459P.O Box 520093, ChadizaSecondary 
6ChadizaTaferansoni Day GRZP.O Box 520017 ChadizaSecondary 
7ChadizaZemba Day GRZP.O Box ChadizaSecondary 
8ChipataAnoya Zulu DayGRZ6221805P.O Box 510162, ChipataSecondary 
9ChipataChikungu Day Grant-aided (from GRZ)P.O Box 510241, ChipataSecondary 
10ChipataChingazi Day Secondar SchoolGrant-aided (from GRZ)967203052P.O Box 15, ChipataSecondary 
11ChipataChinunda M. Basic/Day SecondaryGRZ962701367P.O Box 510241, ChipataSecondary 
12ChipataChiparamba Day GRZ9777174280P.O Box 510241, ChipataSecondary 
13ChipataChipata Day Sec.GRZ61221694P.O Box 510510 ChipataSecondary 
14ChipataChipata SkillsGRZ977783235P.O Box 510241 ChipataSecondary 
15ChipataChipata Skills Traning InstituteGRZ622280P.O Box 510658, ChipataSecondary (Technical)
16ChipataChiwoko GRZ979123628P.O Box 510035, ChipataSecondary 
17ChipataChiziye GRZ976324954P.O Box 510670, ChipataSecondary 
18ChipataChizongwe Tech High SchGRZ979383928P.O Box Chipata 510241Secondary (Technical)
19ChipataChongololo Private2116221544P.O Box 51127 ChipataSecondary 
20ChipataFeni Day Seco.Sch.GRZ977638320P.O Box 510435, ChipataSecondary 
21ChipataGondar Day Sec.SchGRZ62221802P.O Box 511173, ChipataSecondary 
22ChipataHillside Girls HighGRZ977944194P.O Box 510295, ChipataSecondary 
23ChipataKasenengwa Boarding SecondaryGRZ974106066P.O Box 510361 ChipataSecondary 
24ChipataKasenga BasicGRZ977604671P.O Box 510241, ChipataSecondary 
25ChipataKatopola GRZ977336474P.O Box 510092, ChipataSecondary 
26ChipataLutembwe Day GRZ977582969P.O Box 510291, ChipataSecondary 
27ChipataMadzi-A-Tuwa Day GRZ965668336P.O Box 510241, ChipataSecondary 
28ChipataMadzimawe Day GRZP.O Box 510241 ChipataSecondary 
29ChipataMadzimoyo Day Sec.Grant-aided (from GRZ)P.O Box 510111, ChipataSecondary 
30ChipataMaguya Day Seconday SchoolGRZ977318305P.O Box 510241, ChipataSecondary 
31ChipataMagwero For The BlindGrant-aided (from GRZ)977887722P.O Box 510004, ChipataSecondary 
32ChipataMagwero For The DeafGrant-aided (from GRZ)977152579P.O Box 510004, ChipataSecondary 
33ChipataMem Private Private977725162P.O Box 510313 ChipataSecondary 
34ChipataMnukwa Day GRZ977483912P.O Box 510241, ChipataSecondary 
35ChipataMpezeni Park SchoolGRZP.O Box 510356 ChipataSecondary 
36ChipataMsekera Day GRZ978165754P.O Box 510089 ChipataSecondary 
37ChipataNsanjika Day GRZ977468097P.O Box 510241, ChipataSecondary 
38ChipataSt Atanazio Day Secndary OphanageGrant-aided (from GRZ)977617954P.O Box 510241, ChipataSecondary 
39ChipataSt Marys Junior SeminaryPrivate975003813P.O Box 510497 ChipataSecondary 
40ChipataSt. Margrets HighGrant-aided (from GRZ)976305269P.O Box 511111 ChipataSecondary 
41ChipataSt. Monica’S Sec SchGrant-aided (from GRZ)6221007P.O Box 510400, ChipataSecondary 
42ChipataTamanda Combined Day Grant-aided (from GRZ)969721918P.O Box 510241 ChipataSecondary 
43KateteChimtende Day GRZP.O Box 550093,KateteSecondary 
44KateteChisale Day SecondaryGRZ977804215P.O Box 550046, KateteSecondary 
45KateteImena Day GRZP.O Box 550063 KateteSecondary 
46KateteJersey Day GRZP/B 11 KateteSecondary 
47KateteKafumbwe Boarding HighGRZ977944589P.O Box 550006 KateteSecondary 
48KateteKapoche Day GRZ979330241P.O Box 550063 KateteSecondary 
49KateteKatete B. SecondaryGrant-aided (from GRZ)P.O Box 550018, KateteSecondary 
50KateteKatete DayGRZ977467973P.O Box 550037, KateteSecondary 
51KateteKatete Riversideb SecondaryPrivate216252353P. O Box 550016Secondary 
52KateteMatunga Day SecGRZ977128822P.O Box 550063 KateteSecondary 
53KateteMatunga PrimaryGRZ977588833P.O Box 550150, KateteSecondary 
54KateteModern Academy Private SchoolPrivate979071489P.O Box 550200 KateteSecondary 
55KateteVulamkoko PrimaryGRZ979123907P.O Box 550063, KateteSecondary 
56LundaziChasera Day GRZ979478966P.O Box 530033 LundaziSecondary 
57LundaziChikomeni Day GRZP.O Box 530131, LundaziSecondary 
58LundaziEmusa DayGrant-aided (from GRZ)P.O Box 530196, LundaziSecondary 
59LundaziIslamic Welfare Trust SecondaryPrivate955990411P.O Box 530051 LundziSecondary 
60LundaziKazembe Day GRZ979450647P.O Box. Box 530033Secondary 
61LundaziLumezi BoardingGRZP.O Box 530040 LundaziSecondary 
62LundaziLumezi DayGrant-aided (from GRZ)977944194P.O Box 530192, LundaziSecondary 
63LundaziLundazi BoardingGRZ6480245P.O Box 530012, LundaziSecondary 
64LundaziLundazi DayGRZ216480589P.O Box 530038, LundaziSecondary 
65LundaziLusuntha DayGRZP.O Box 530315, LundaziSecondary 
66LundaziMphamba DayGRZP.O Box 530042, LundaziSecondary 
67LundaziMpingozi Day GRZBox 530029,LundaziSecondary 
68LundaziMwase DayGrant-aided (from GRZ)Box 530291, LundaziSecondary 
69MambweChikowa Grant-aided (from GRZ)969023242Box 44 MfuweSecondary 
70MambweJumbe Primary(Combined)GRZ979383379Box 44 MfuweSecondary 
71MambweMambwe Sec SchoolGRZ6245079Box 510938, MambweSecondary 
72MambweMatula DayGRZ216246172Box 119, MfuweSecondary 
73MambweMatula PrimaryGRZ977193347Box 13 Mfuwe Airport, MambweSecondary 
74MambweMfuwe Day SecondaryGRZ6246055Box 48 MfuweSecondary 
75MambweMsoro Day GRZ979257317Box 50 MsoroSecondary 
76MambweNsefu Day GRZ974791669Box 124 Mfuwe,MambweSecondary 
77MambweSt. Lukes Sec Sch.Grant-aided (from GRZ)967970589Box 38, MsoroSecondary 
78NyimbaAuntie Olie PrivatePrivate974977794Box 570162, NyimbaSecondary 
79NyimbaHofmeyr Day SecGrant-aided (from GRZ)978219191Box 570023, NyimbaSecondary 
80NyimbaKacholola BoardingGRZ979776373Box 570188 NyimbaSecondary 
81NyimbaKalambakuwa DayGRZ977677671Box 570017, NyimbaSecondary 
82NyimbaNyimba East Day Se4Condary SchoolGRZBox 570024, NyimbaSecondary 
83NyimbaNyimba SecGRZ976374156P/B 1, NyimbaSecondary 
84NyimbaVizimumba Day SecondaryGRZ979450500Box 570107 NyimbaSecondary 
85PetaukeChikowa Day SecondaryGRZP.O Box 560270 PetaukeSecondary 
86PetaukeKaulu Day SecondaryGRZBox 560149, PetaukeSecondary 
87PetaukeMaila Day GRZ979891655Box 560080, PetaukeSecondary 
88PetaukeMinga Day SecondaryGrant-aided (from GRZ)Box 560123, PetaukeSecondary 
89PetaukeMonde Day SecondaryGRZ977424520Box 560190, PetaukeSecondary 
90PetaukeMtumbata Day SecondaryGRZ978072138P.O Box. Box 560108Secondary 
91PetaukeNseko Day GRZ979728570Box 560175, PetaukeSecondary 
92PetaukeNyampande Boarding GRZ977703831P.O Box 560036 PetaukeSecondary 
93PetaukePetauke Boarding SecondaryGRZ6371339Box 560050, PetaukeSecondary 
94PetaukePetauke Day SecondaryGRZ6371182Box 560285,PetaukeSecondary 
95PetaukeRiverside Day SecondaryGRZBox 560104, PetaukeSecondary 
96PetaukeSonja Girls SecondaryGRZ977977374Box 5600167, PetaukeSecondary 
97PetaukeZumaire Day GRZ977397348P.O Box. Box 560080 PetaukeSecondary 
98SindaChassa SecondaryGrant-aided (from GRZ)977783697P\B 2, SindaSecondary 
99SindaMbwindi Day SecondaryGrant-aided (from GRZ)978222276Box 580085 SindaSecondary 
100SindaMtandaza Day GRZ976806221Box 580085 SindaSecondary 
101SindaNyanje Day SecondaryGrant-aided (from GRZ)977357344Box 580085 SindaSecondary 
102SindaSeya Day SecondaryGRZ977199836Box 580103 SindaSecondary 
103SindaSt. Peter & Paul Day Grant-aided (from GRZ)979383298Box 580085 SindaSecondary 
104VubwiChigwe Day GRZ967883054Box 510353, VubwiSecondary 
105VubwiMbande Day GRZ972780111Box 510353, VubwiSecondary 
106VubwiVubwi BoardingGRZ976276282Box 510353Secondary 
107VubwiVubwi Day Sec Sch.GRZ976276282Box 511217, VubwiSecondary 

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  1. I taught English in the Lundazi Secondary School for two years in 1967 and 1968 and for 1969 in Katete Secondary school. At that time they were the only secondary schools in each district. I am anxious to make contact with the schools I taught in and hope to visit the area in September. Any help would be appreciated.
    Many thanks,
    Andrew Passey

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