Central Province Traditional Ceremonies

Ichibwela Mushi traditional ceremony

Traditional ceremonies from Central province of Zambia include Ichibwela Mushi by the Bisa, Swaka and Lala people. The three chiefs that is Bisa, Swaka and Lala take charge of this ceremony in the month of September for each year

Four other tribes from the province hold their ceremonies in July, September and October. Here is the complete list of traditional ceremonies from Central province held at various times of the year

Ikubi Lya LoongoMumbwaSenior Chief ShakumbilaSalaJuly
Kulamba KubwaloChibomboSenior chief MukuniLenjeOctober
Musaka JikubiMumbwaChiefs Mumba & KainduKaondeSeptember
Ikubi Lya Malumbe-MunyamaMumbwaChief ChibulumaKaonde IlaOctober
Ichibwela MushiMkushiBisa/Swaka/Lala ChiefsBisa/Swaka/LalaSeptember

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