FIC Zambia What Is It?

FIC Zambia offer intelligence reports to combat money laundering and corruption

FIC Zambia is the Financial Intelligence Center which was established by an act of Parliament. The institution is guided by the Financial Intelligence Centre Act No. 46 of 2010.

According to a statement on the FIC Zambia home page, FIC is

A sole statutory agency dedicated to providing timely, high quality, impartial and actionable financial intelligence to law enforcement agencies and foreign designated authorities in order to eliminate financial crimes in Zambia.

This mission statement is the main reason for the Centre’s existence. Through this mission, the Centre will position itself to grow in terms of quantity and quality of products and services it delivers in order to meet the AML/CFT within and outside the country.

FIC Zambia Home Page

FIC Zambia reports aim is to help establish a Zambia with a stable financial system free from financial crimes.

Download FIC Zambia reports from here

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