Zambia Mobile Network Providers and Their Autonomous System Numbers

Zambia mobile network providers AS numbers

Zambia has 3 major mobile phone network providers namely MTN, Airtel and Zamtel with a fourth one expected to start operations as soon. Each of these mobile providers have their own ASN numbers as AS36962, AS37287 and AS2545 respectively.

ASN is an acronym for Autonomous System Number. ASNs are important because the ASN uniquely identifies each network on the Internet.

1MTN Zambia accounts for the large share of the mobile users dominating the Copperbelt and other provinces with the exception of Lusaka. So their AS36962 number must be attracting a lot of traffic from Zambia

2Zamtel (Zambia Telecommunications) though least on the share has most of its users from the remote areas as the company’s coverage is extensive in the rural area. Zamtel AS2545 is assigned by ARIN while Airtel and MTN Zambia is assigned by AFRINIC

3Airtel formerly Zain Zambia dominates the Lusaka market. It was once the giant on the Copperbelt but for the too many rebranding and change of ownership resulting in poor services.

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