Major Rivers In Zambia

Zambia has several key and important rivers and nine of those emerge as major rivers. The list begin with Zambezi, Kafue, Luangwa, Chambeshi and Luapula marking as the Zambia’s major rivers.

Other major rivers also make importance namely Kapombo and Lungwebangu which make tributaries of Zambezi river. Also is Lunga and Luswishi which joins into Kafue river. In Central province Lunsemfwa a tributary of Lukasashi make famous for fishing before it falls into the Luangwa.

Zambezi River –

Spanning 2,574 KM Zambezi also Zambesi makes the fourth Longest River in Africa.

The great Zambezi begin at Ikelenge Hills in Ikelenge district of Zambia in a marshy wetland known as dambo of North Western Province. It then travels west 240km into Angola before dropping back into Zambia through Chavuma and into the Zambezi district lying between North Western and Western Province.

The river then go through Mongu and down to Sesheke, Livingstone and into the man made Lake Kariba before meeting Kafue River near Chirundu of Lusaka and then Luangwa river at Lungwa town.

The Zambezi river then continues into Mozambique through Lake Cahora Bassa and cobora bassa rapids and pours into the Indian ocean through the massive delta.

Zambezi river is effectively shared by 6 countries, Zambia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Namibia also has access to the river through the Capriv Strip and Botswana a tinniest share at Katima Mulilo border.

Zambezi River at the junction of Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana
By Brian McMorrow -, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Kafue River

The Kafue River is the longest river lying wholly within Zambia at about 1,600 kilometres long. Its waters are essential to the city of Kitwe and towns of Chililabombwe, Chingola, Mufulira and Kafue.

The source of the Kafue River is in the Miombo woodland of North-western Province of Zambia some 120 km north of Chingola.

From Kitwe the river flows South west passing alongside the Lukanga swamp in Central and continuing south-west entering the Kafue National Park, the second largest national park in Africa.

Before been swallowed by the Zambezi Kafue pass through the Itezhi Tezhi and Kafue gorge dam. But before that the Luswishi and Lunga river serves as tributaries.